We invest in ourselves with a commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in all that we do for our clients.


We take initiative to achieve successes and prevent failures, recognizing that we are jointly accountable for both.


We employ ethical standards and can be trusted to perform our responsibilities in a professional, respectful, trustworthy and confidential manner.


We value, recognize and leverage each person’s unique contributions and are unified in our efforts to achieve BridgeGreen’s Vision and Mission.

The BCI Team is committed to preserving and transitioning all 4 pillars of wealth to the next generation so they acquire the tools, knowledge and resources they need to honour the Family legacy and become responsible stewards of wealth and influence within the Enterprise. 1:1 consultations and trusting relationships allow for individualized financial, personal development and legacy plans for our shareholders.

Jose Medeiros


Craig Jenkins

Vice President of Tax

Stephanie Traversy headshot

Stephanie Traversy

Vice President of Personal
Development and Governance

Lucy Ma

Director of Financial Reporting and Tax Compliance

Bridgegreen’s dedicated team of professionals are trusted advisors, seasoned personal development specialists and experts in Family Governance.