All in It Together! How “Joint Accountability” Supports “Extraordinary” Results


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Extraordinary people share a common interest in helping others become the very best version of themselves. They embrace the concept of “empowerment” and can comfortably relinquish control because they genuinely care about human development more than they care about taking credit. This mindset supports a “servantile leadership” philosophy. In this module, learners will practice the art of empowerment in creating a culture of joint accountability. Following clear steps, this module invites learners to challenge their assumptions about “accountability” and “responsibility” and create a new environment where “ownership” is implied in all situations. Leveraging tools including “Partners in Leadership – OZ Accountability Models”, learners will test drive scenarios where if they see a problem…they own the problem…even if it isn’t their problem. As strong leaders, they will also learn how to help others do the same. In these challenging times, the powerful practice of “If I see it I MUST own it” can define and shape extraordinary people and moments.