Finding “Joy” Through Personal Accountability


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“Stress” – the kind that can really harm you – is a result of your body’s biochemical response to a perceived threat. Many of life’s experiences can induce the same kind of brain activity that we would expect if we were in serious danger. Our amygdala – the epicenter of emotional processing – cannot discern between life threatening events and a traffic jam…it only recognizes that you feel a “threat” and it signals to release “fight or flight” hormones. This mechanism served humans well back in the day of the sabretooth tiger. Today, stress hormones are regularly released into the body and that steady “drip” can cause all kinds of emotional and physical harm. Understanding and then deescalating the “threats” are powerful skills. In this module, learners will discover that the majority of amygdala triggers can be controlled. Many stressors originate in “assumptions” about what might happen. By developing practices that shift the mental focus from “stories” to facts, people can reclaim control over their mindset and stress levels. When assumptions are set aside, learners will navigate through their current reality, focusing only on how they can either influence positive change or “accept what is”. Thought leader Cy Wakeman says “Your circumstances are the conditions in which you MUST be happy” – so why wait for or wish for a new “reality” in order to experience joy? Why not peel back all of the stress-inducing, joy-killing stories and assumptions and explore how you can be happy and successful under present circumstances?