Understanding What Knocks You Out of “Higher Self”


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We are all hardwired. The “nature/nurture” forces that shape the way you see, interpret and judge the world around you are undeniable. Developing a profound awareness of how your brain is wired to take in and deliver information helps you understand why you behave, react or respond in certain ways. The DiSC behavioural index is a personality based assessment that is not about character strengths – but it does shed a light on why some virtues resonate more intensely with you than others. In this module, learners will complete the DiSC assessment – a non-judgmental tool that increases self-knowledge around how people respond to conflict, what motivates them, what causes stress, and how they solve problems. Understanding how “lenses and filters” are created in the first place also sheds light on stress and anger triggers. As important as knowing what elevates you to a higher self is knowing what can knock you down.