Our strategy is to guide learners through a journey of self-discovery that will help identify and develop a set of individualized characteristics that are inextricably linked to success.

There is no “one-size fits all” strategy for cultivating extraordinary people. We pick out what characteristics authentically reflect your personal brand and weave those through a set of high impact behaviours.


The New Extraordinary Leader


A 4 part series of extensive workshops and discussions that help define an authentic and effective personal brand.

Finding our Way

Finding our Way

Defining our personal brand through Emotional Intelligence practices

The Unexpected Truth

The Unexpected Truth

Resilience, optimism and vulnerability

Taking Charge

Taking Charge

A “servantile” approach to accountable leadership

The New Look of Innovation

The New Look of Innovation

What used to be a differentiator is now a non-negotiable


Stephanie Traversy headshot

Stephanie Traversy

Vice President of Personal
Development and Governance

Stephanie Thompson headshot

Stephanie Duggan

Manager, Learning and Personal Development

Stephanie Voss

Communications & Events Coordinator

Our team of experts draw from decades of experience to guide you through an exploration of core values and help you define an authentic way of being you in the world.