Minto Foundation is a private, Family-operated organization with deep roots in the Ottawa, Greater Toronto, London, Calgary and Florida Communities. Through two giving channels, the HALO fund and the BridgeGreen Fund, Minto Foundation supports initiatives that will level the playing field by providing opportunities for people to achieve a better quality of life and that will drive lasting change. Minto Foundation honours our Jewish heritage by striving to leave the world in a better place (“tikkun olam” in Hebrew).

HALO Fund logo

The HALO Fund, a branch of the Minto Foundation, was created to represent the philanthropic vision of our youngest generation of family members. Its mission is to level the playing field of people to achieve a better quality of life in the following areas:


HEALTHCARE. Improving access to healthcare and supporting its development.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING & OTHER ESSENTIAL NEEDS. Providing safety and security by facilitating access to affordable housing and other essential needs.


LOCAL ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY. Supporting local organizations that are actively working to make their community more sustainable.


OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT. Providing opportunities for growth and development for those who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance.

BridgeGreen Fund Logo

The BridgeGreen Fund is a division of the Minto Foundation. The philanthropic mission statement is strengthening the Greenberg Family’s intergenerational commitment to making a difference by building strong communal partnerships that will drive lasting change and measurable impact.


For more information about the BridgeGreen Fund, click here.